Get involved

The 2% provision is a mechanism of fiscal transparency through which the taxpayers natural or legal persons can direct up to 2% of their income tax to a non-governmental organization.

Why is it good to use this provision?
* Because you only have 5 minutes to complete the form.
* Contribute to the efficiency of public money spending, so yours!
* You can help develop this project by directing 2% to our association.

Steps to follow :
Please complete Declaration 230 after downloading it from HERE . Do not worry if you do not know the appropriate amount of 2% of the tax, will be calculated by the tax authorities, you can leave the box blank.

Send us the statement by post and we will submit it to the financial administration you belong to.

Correspondence address: Regus City Center – Str. THAT. Rosetti 17, CP 020011, Bucharest, Romania.

Thank you for your involvement and for supporting our project!