Multiplayer Event in Berlin on the 27th of March 2019

With this project called PECCS – Pan European Competence Certificate for Shot firer/ blast designers, EFEE (the European Federation of Explosive Engineers) has created a course and an online learning environment for a standardized assessment of technical competencies of the shot-firer/ blast designer profession in Europe.

Test course in Dresden from 2018 September 10th – 14th

This Erasmus+ financed project is creating a European certificate for rockblasters. We hope and believe that this will give rockblasters all over Europe the possibility to work and travel. This education and certificate will confirm your professionalism and skills as a rockblaster all over Europe.

Test course in Paris, 2018 April 23rd – 27th

The project is about creating a certificate for shot fires and blast designers in EU. Many thanks to #erasmusplus for financing the project. Next test course for presenting the education materials takes place in Dresden, Germany in September 2018.

Test course in Stockholm, 2017 December 11th – 15th

A week in Stockholm resulted with 21 participants, more than 10 pages of feedback and good points about the materials of the Pan-European Competence Certificate for Shot-firers. We will continue with Test Courses to enhance the materials even more, to find possible future teachers for shot-firers courses and share the insights of the best shot-firer […]

Coimbra-Portugal in the end of March 2017

The second International Project Meeting took place In Coimbra, Portugal. All the tasks were taken apart and put together again in detail. All discussions continued until an agreement was established and in the end a very productive two days left the partners with a busy summer ahead. We welcome all interested parties, specially blasting professionals […]

EFEE 2019

Presentation of the EFEE conference for Bucharest 2019